Protocol Revenue

An important aspect of any initiative is ensuring its financial sustainability. Skydrome has invested considerable thought into guaranteeing that both the team and the community have a steady revenue stream.

Swap Fees

Trading fees generated from liquidity pools that don't have associated gauges will be directed to the tank. Once a gauge is established for a specific pool, this process is deactivated. The accumulated fees will be utilized at the team's discretion for varied purposes, such as $SKY buybacks and burns, incentivizing core pools, covering development expenses, and more.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

Through the inaugural liquidity-providing $SKY pool, Skydrome doesn't accrue any revenue. There will be no emissions from this pool, and upon fulfilling its intended purpose, the tokens will be terminated.

Team Emissions

4% of all emissions are channeled to the treasury. These $SKY tokens will serve multiple purposes as deemed appropriate by the team. This includes activities like incentivizing primary pools, financing developments, and bolstering team member voting influence, among others.

Team Voting

Every team member possesses their distinct $veSKY, empowering them to cast votes based on their preferences. This mechanism allows them to potentially carve out their personalized revenue source.

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