SKY Gauges

Understanding Gauges

In Skydrome, gauges function as instrumental tools that monitor the voting inclinations of veSKY holders. These gauges are crucial for the equitable distribution of emissions and incentives across liquidity pools, influenced by the vote counts.

By promoting equitable distribution, gauges foster heightened engagement within the Skydrome framework. To activate gauges, tokens must be whitelisted. Collaborative entities can benefit from specialized gauges for tokens in their networks, pending individual token assessments.

Moreover, the Skydrome management retains the autonomy to inaugurate gauges for foundational tokens like wETH and wBTC, amplifying the platform's competency and utility.

Skydrome Partners

At our inception phase, we have already incorporated our esteemed partners by whitelisting them, ensuring they are ingrained within our platform. We've also set aside veSKY specifically for forthcoming partner protocols. The terms of accessing these veSKY will be brokered through dialogue with potential partners, delineating explicit prerequisites.

For a glimpse into potential partnership conditions, they might encompass:

  • Mandate to incentivize select gauges, be it their proprietary ones or our core gauges.

  • Token exchange initiatives to foster deeper ties.

  • Integration drives to champion seamless compatibility.

  • Coordinated promotional endeavors to amplify outreach and progression.

These stipulations will be bespoke, shaped through one-on-one project deliberations, synchronizing our mutual ambitions, and amplifying reciprocal gains. In unison, we are poised to sculpt a robust and prosperous network.

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