⛏️Pre-mining campaign

Join Skydrome’s crew as we prepare for the Scroll Mainnet launch. Early users who provide liquidity will earn fantastic rewards, including $SKY tokens. Our Pre-mining program is designed to reward early liquidity providers. Read the details below to participate in the Pre-mining campaign and become a part of Skydrome, Scroll’s central liquidity hub

$SKY token holders can be granted in governance rights by locking their $SKY to $veSKY.

Skydrome DEX Launch and Pre-Mining $SKY

The pre-mining event is set to begin from 16:00 UTC on October 12 until November 2. Find details below about the specifics of the event:

  • Duration: October 12, 16:00 UTC — November 2, 16:00 UTC

  • Pre-mining $SKY pool: 1,500,000 (1.5% of Total Supply)

  • Update: Starting from Oct 24th the total rewards will be doubled to a total of 3,000,000 SKY (3% of Total Supply)

  • Update 2: Starting from Nov 2, the pre-mining will be prolonged for another 5 weeks till Dec 7 (1.5% of Total Supply used from Development and Marketing Fund + Remaining Pre-Mining Fund)

  • Eligible pairs: WETH/USDC (Volatile Pool), WETH/USDT (Volatile Pool), USDC/USDT (Stable Pool)

  • How to participate: Just add Liquidity on WETH/USDC pool (or other pools) during the pre-mining period (and it will be counted)

  • Reward claim: From one week after the TGE, with 1 month lockup.

You can check the amount of $SKY token rewards you can receive in our liquidity mining page.

Bonus: Spread the Word with Galxe Campaign (Already Starts on October 10 at 4pm UTC)

We have additionally created a Galxe campaign for everyone who added liquidity to our DEX and thereby participated in the Pre-Mining Campaign. They can mint their unique Premining Badge on Galxe.

Join the Campaign: galxe.com/skydrome/campaign/GCHQZUMZgD

For more details: https://medium.com/@Skydrome/join-the-sky-pre-mining-campaign-27d4e9086ea0

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