Skydrome Pilot Discord Role

Introducing the Skydrome Pilot Discord Role

Description: The Skydrome Pilot is an esteemed role within our Discord community, offering enhanced engagement levels. Detailed benefits of this role will be provided in subsequent documentation updates.

Requirements to Earn the Role:

  1. Achieve a minimum of 700 XP (Level 4) on Zealy.

  2. Accumulate this XP by completing quests available on Zealy.

Quests and XP Collection:

  • Navigate to the Zealy Skydrome Questboard: to begin your adventure and gather XP.

  • After securing the required XP, users can claim the Skydrome Pilot Discord Role via the Zealy platform.

Additional Notes:

  • Testnet Participation Reward: All participants within our Testnet will receive a Skydrome Testnet Badge.

  • For individuals interested in obtaining the Skydrome Pilot role, ensuring the collection of 700 XP on Zealy is crucial.

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